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Top-rated Cedar Roofer in Stephenville

Top-rated Cedar Roofer Stephenville

Cedar is the second most popular residential roofing choice in the country because of its quaint and rustic look. But even more than its look, a cedar roof will also offer your Stephenville home great protection and durability.

Bar H Contractors can help you repair, maintain, and install a cedar roof for your home. We are committed to providing only the best roofing solutions for our clients and will guide you through the process. Whether you choose cedar shingles or shakes, we will work hard to ensure that you will be thrilled with the final results.

Call the recommended Stephenville roofing company today to schedule a free consultation. We also provide asphalt, metal, slate, and tile roofs, in addition to cedar roofing.

Types of Cedar Roofs We Install

There are two types of cedar roofing to consider: cedar shake roofing and cedar shingle roofing.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing will give your home the most rustic appearance and the ultimate charm. They are hand-split, which is why they have a more irregular look and every cedar piece that goes on your roof is unique. They are also thicker than cedar shingles. Because of their irregular shape, it’s crucial to find a roofer that knows what they are doing. Otherwise, improper installation will lead to leaks in your roof.

Cedar Shingle Roofing

Cedar shingles are cut by machine and lay flatter than cedar shake roofing. This makes them a bit easier to install than cedar shake, but you still get a natural look for your home. Because cedar shingles are not irregular like cedar shake, they do not require a felt interlay and are less likely to be penetrated by high winds.

The Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofing

When making your selection about the type of cedar roofing to fit your needs, there will be pros and cons. We have broken down the list for you:

 Pros of Cedar Roofing

  • Eco-Friendly: Cedar roofing material is biodegradable. It is also incredibly energy-efficient as it insulates your home and lowers your heating and cooling costs.
  • Beauty: Cedar roofs are like no other. They add charm to your home that is otherwise impossible to achieve.
  • Home value: Cedar roof adds charm and beauty to your home, which home buyers love. This adds to your overall home value.

Cons of Cedar Roofing

  • Maintenance: cedar roofs require more maintenance than other roofing types, including treating the wood and keeping it clean from moss, algae, and pests.
  • Low fire rating: As you may have guessed, wood burns. Although cedar roofs can be treated against fire, they are still prone to burning if the treatment wears off.
  • Price: Cedar roofs have a similar service life to asphalt shingles, but the material is more expensive.

Cedar Roof FAQs

How long do cedar roofs last?

A cedar roof can last 20 to 30 years when properly installed and possibly more when maintained well.

Do cedar shingles require maintenance?

Yes, compared to other roofing materials, cedar roofs require a bit of extra maintenance. The wood itself needs to be treated every few years to prevent rotting, pests, and flammability.

Can I powerwash cedar shingles?

You can clean your roof by spraying it with a hose or using the lowest setting on a power wash. If you are unsure if your power washer will damage the roof, give us a call and we can recommend the best way to clean your roof.

Bar H Contractors works on all types of roofs and can help you choose the best roofing option and style to complement your home. If it’s not quite time for a replacement, then our team is dedicated to ensuring your current roof is up-to-date on repairs so that you can prepare for a replacement when it’s the right time. No matter what, Bar H Contractors is on your side and will work to keep the roof over your head safe and sound.

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