Our engineered and non-engineered standing seam, exposed fastener, flushwall and soffit panels are manufactured in-house with quality care and craftsmanship. Whether your project is residential or commercial, solid substrate or open framing, big or small- we have the resources and premium panel profiles to supply and suit any project.
Ultra Seam US-100CS
Ultra Seam US-100CSC Curved
Ultra Seam US-100FP
Ultra Seam US-100NS
Ultra Seam US-150
Ultra Seam US-150C
Ultra Seam US-150LS
Ultra Seam US-175-LS
Ultra Seam US-200
Ultra Seam US-200SB
Ultra Seam-US-150CL
UltraSeam US-200C


Our metal roofing products are painted with the highest quality Sherwin Williams paint systems backed by an anti-fade warranty. When choosing a color and finish for your metal products, consider price and performance to specifically suit any project.


Our metal roofing supplies with a high quality PVDF finish will have excellent resistance to abrasion and fading due to sun exposure. Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) paint finishes have a high mechanical strength and superior durability, with the surface of PVDF panels able to withstand high temperatures. Choosing a PVDF coating gives your metal panels a vibrant, long lasting finish for years to come.

A PVDF paint finish on any of your metal roofing projects offers ultimate protection against the elements and will stand the test of time. Polyvinylidene Difluoirde (PVDF), resists humidity, color change, extreme temperatures, and chemicals. This finish gives your metal panels a vibrant, long lasting finish with a high mechanical strength and superior durability, making any roofing project strong and beautiful for years to come.

Acrylic Coated Galvalume

Aged Bronze


Ash Gray

Brandy Wine




Charcoal Gray

Colonial Red

Copper Metallic

Dark Bronze


Forest Green

Hartford Green

Hemlock Green

Mansard Brown

Matte Black

Medium Bronze

Patina Green

Preweather Galvalume

Regal Blue

Regal Red

Regal White

Roman Blue



Slate Gray

Snow White

Surrey Beige




SMP painted panels give you the value and quality you need for your project without breaking the bank. This cost effective finish is best used for commercial and agricultural applications and is perfectly suited for a smaller project budget.

Acrylic Galvalume

Artic White

Ash Gray


Black Crinkle

Bone White


Burnished Slate

Burnished Slate Crinkle

Charcoal Blue Gray

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal Gray Crinkle

Charcoal Gray II

Colony Green

Copper Metallic

Crimson Red

Dark Red

Desert Sand


Evergreen Crinkle

Fern Green

Gallery Blue

Hawaiian Blue


Ivy Green

Koko Crinkle

Light Stone

Old Town Gray

Polar White

Rural Red

Rustic Red

Rustic Red Crinkle

Saddle Tan


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