How Much Will I Pay for a Roof Replacement in Stephenville?

How Much Will I Pay for a Roof Replacement in Stephenville?


Are you looking to have a new roof installed on your home in Stephenville? Having a quality roof is one of the most crucial parts of protecting your home and maintaining its worth. With the harsh winds, tornadoes, and hail in Stephenville, it’s important to have a roof that can withstand a variety of weather. Having a new roof installed may seem overwhelming, but the process can be stress-free and easy with a reputable roofing company. 

So, what is the typical roof replacement cost in Stephenville and what kinds of roofing types are the most popular among Stephenville homeowners?

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • The average new roof cost in Stephenville
  • Popular roofing types
  • Tips on knowing when to replace your roof
  • Information about Bar H Contractors


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What Will I Pay for a New Roof in Stephenville?

The cost of a roof replacement in Stephenville depends on the type of roofing material that you choose, the overall size of your home, and various installation costs that will be determined during your roof replacement. The two most popular roofing types in Stephenville are asphalt shingles and metal roofing. In general, an asphalt shingle roof will range between $3.50 to $7.50 per square foot and a metal roof will range around $6.50 to $12.00 per square foot in Stephenville.

Popular Roofing Types in Stephenville

The two most popular roofing types in Stephenville are asphalt shingle roofing and metal roofing. 

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Durability: Asphalt shingle technology continues to advance year after year. Now, you can find thicker shingles that are resistant to impact, wind, and other harsh elements.

Affordability: Compared to other roofing types, asphalt shingles are considered the most affordable.

Style: You can find asphalt shingles in almost any style and color to achieve the look of your dream home.

Metal Roofing 

Beauty: Metal roofing provides homeowners with a unique, sleek, and modern aesthetic for their home. They come in a variety of types and there are also many colors and styles to choose from, so you can complement any architectural style you wish.

Excellent Durability: Metal roofing has excellent durability against extreme weather, such as hail, heavy snow, harsh rainfall, and high winds. In addition, metal roofing is resistant to pests, fire, and other forces of nature. 

Long Lifespan: Typically, a metal roof can last around 50 years if it is properly installed and well maintained. Plus, metal roofing is low maintenance and easy to keep clean. It’s no wonder why so many homeowners are opting to install a metal roof on their homes.


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Replacing Your Roof: Is It Time? 

Typically, the average roof in Stephenville will last around 30 years or more. If your current roof is coming to the end of that time frame, it might be worth having a roofing professional come and check it out. Here are some things to look out for if you’re wondering if you should replace your roof or not: Damaged shingles and roofing, pest infestations, leaks, and water stains.  

Next Steps for Your Stephenville Roof 

If you’re ready to take the next steps, Bar H Contractors is here to help you through the roof installation process. We would love to aid you in finding the right fit for your home and help make the experience stress-free. Our skilled roofing team is passionate about coming alongside our customers and providing them with all the information and resources they need to make the best decisions for their unique homes. Call us today to schedule a roof inspection and begin your journey to your dream home! 

Considering a roof replacement? Have you thought about upgrading your gutters as well? New gutters can complement your new roof, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Check out this article about new gutter cost in Stephenville.


5 Tips to Prepare Your Stephenville Roof for Spring Weather

5 Tips to Prepare Your Stephenville Roof for Spring Weather


Spring is coming soon to Stephenville, and as you start the process of spring cleaning and beautifying your yard, you should take time to check how your roof handled the winter. Winter months can be hard on your home and if your roof has endured any type of damage it could lead to even greater problems in the spring. Now is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for a beautiful spring. There are things that you, as a homeowner, can do to ensure your roof is prepared for the spring and summer storms ahead.


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Check And Clean Gutters

It’s important to maintain clean and clear gutters on your home. Clear out any debris that has gathered in them over the winter months. You should also check the walls around your gutters and under the eaves for water stains or spots. This could be a sign that your gutters are not allowing water to flow freely to the ground.

Check Your Attic

Scanning the attic is an easy task you can do on your own. Inspect the underside of the roof deck and rafters in your attic for water stains, black marks, or mold, and check the insulation in your attic for mildew. Finding mold or mildew could indicate that your roof leaks.

Trim Your Trees

Spring is a good time to inspect the trees around your house for branches that are weak or broken. Any limbs that are at risk of falling onto your roof should be removed to avoid damage to your roof. Now that you’ve done this, you could also consider contacting a professional roofing contractor for a thorough inspection. For safety reasons, it’s not recommended that a homeowner gets on the roof. Leave that to the professionals. When your roofing contractor arrives, they are going to:


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Examine The Shingles

Inspect your roof for shingles that look loose, cracked, curling, or missing. Depending on what they find, you might need to have some work done. It is best to let a qualified roofer make any repairs to prevent costly damage or even more extensive repairs in the future.

Look For Signs Of Water Damage

Roofs are vulnerable to ice dams during the winter. Some of the damages may be visible and at other times they could be difficult to spot. This is why having a professional inspect your roof once or twice a year is incredibly important. It’s possible you wouldn’t find any concerning signs but the substrate layer of the roof or the roofing deck may have significant damage. Ice dams can lead to rotting of the underlayment, it can also damage the insulation. Any of these issues can cause potential leaks that would cause havoc during rain.

For your peace of mind and to avoid possible maintenance issues, calling an experienced roofer to perform a full roof inspection and maintenance is a good idea. If your roof is damaged by Mother Nature, take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy, some policies may cover the costs of repair. Contact Bar H Contractors today to help put a spring in your roof’s step!



2024 Design Trends: The Most Popular Siding Colors in Stephenville

2024 Design Trends: The Most Popular Siding Colors in Stephenville


Your home is an expression of your unique style and personality, and its exterior holds the power to leave a lasting impression. A significant component contributing to your home’s overall aesthetic is the choice of siding color. Selecting the right siding color can enhance your property’s curb appeal, reflect your taste, and harmonize seamlessly with its surroundings. 

popular siding colors, popular home colors, best siding colors, Stephenville

In Stephenville, the trusted professionals at Bar H Contractors are the go-to experts for all your siding needs. Below, we explore some sought-after siding colors that can elevate your home to a masterpiece.

Popular Siding Colors

  • Linen –  This hue bears resemblance to beige and has the potential to elevate your home into a dynamic and vibrant space. Opt for contrasting roof, gutter, and shutter shades to enhance the impact of this color.
  • Gray Heron – The rich, earthy deep green tone can be a fantastic option when combined with dark gray and cream hues. Steer clear of pure white as trim, as it creates too stark of a contrast. 
  • Caramelized Pear – This yellow shade is a superb choice for achieving that charming “main street” look. Roofs in shades of gray and brown complement Caramelized Pear beautifully. 
  • Flagstone – Infused with a subtle touch of light blue, this gray presents a delightful alternative to standard gray siding. When paired with pristine white trim, it imparts a coastal theme and a fresh, clean feel. 
  • Autumn Red – For a distinctive look, consider this hue! This smoky red becomes alluring when combined with white window panes, porch railings, and eaves. 
  • Snow – This color evokes the imagery of a gentle gray winter, but when coordinated with red and white accents, it brings forth a sense of optimism and freshness. Thoughtful landscaping choices further enhance this color combination, ensuring outstanding curb appeal.  
  • Red Rock Falls – Opt for this warm brown shade with a hint of a dark clay palette. Pairing this striking color with other browns completes a cozy and warm aesthetic. 
  • Earth Tones Combo – Achieving a captivating blend of two earth tones can be impressive when executed with precision! Ensure to carefully plan the appearance before beginning the project.  
  • Off-White – Once more, this color secures its spot among the most popular choices! A versatile option for homes of all types and styles, allowing homeowners to easily customize and enhance it according to their preferences. 
  • Forest Green – An adventurous selection for homeowners, this color, when paired with crisp white trim, imparts a polished and distinctive appearance. 

best siding colors in Stephenville

5 Tips to Know When It’s Time for Siding Replacement:

  • Visible Damage: Inspect your siding regularly for signs of cracking, warping, or rotting. If you notice these issues, it’s a clear indication that your siding needs replacement. Damaged siding can lead to further structural problems if not addressed promptly.
  • Increased Energy Bills: If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, it could be due to deteriorating siding. Damaged siding can compromise your home’s insulation, causing indoor temperatures to fluctuate and your HVAC system to work harder.
  • Faded Color: Over time, exposure to the elements can cause your siding’s color to fade. Faded siding not only affects your home’s aesthetics but can also indicate that the siding’s protective layers are wearing thin.
  • Mold and Mildew: Mold, mildew, and water stains on your siding are signs of moisture infiltration. This can lead to more extensive water damage and compromise the integrity of your home’s structure.
  • Increased Home Value: Replacing the siding of a home can offer up to 80% of return on investment when it sells. This alone can be a consideration for upgrading the exterior of your home. 

We, at Bar H Contractors in Stephenville, look forward to bringing life back to the exterior of your home and seek that curb appeal to set your home apart from others on the block. Give us a call today, and let’s see what we can do for you!  


Roof Trends: The 3 Most Popular Roofing Colors in Stephenville

Roof Trends: The 3 Most Popular Roofing Colors in Stephenville

Homeowners in Stephenville, naturally want their roofs to be functional—keeping their families dry and warm for as many worry-free years as possible. Roof color might be a secondary concern, but it shouldn’t be. According to a 2013 survey of realtors, over 90 percent said shingle color was important. Once you pick a roof color, you are generally stuck with it until you replace the roof or move to a new home.

Roof color shouldn’t make you sweat, but the decision shouldn’t be made without due diligence. Here are some considerations that should factor into the choice of your next roof’s color, including some of the most popular local roof colors around!

popular roof colors in Stephenville

What Color Was The Roof Before?

If you were satisfied with the color of your previous roof and it complemented the rest of your home’s exterior, then you likely won’t need to deviate from that color too much. This might be especially true if you are not the first owners of the house but are replacing the original roof, the builder likely picked a roof color that didn’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the home. Because some colors are retired over time you may not find the exact color, but you should be able to choose one in the same general ballpark that you can be confident will be a good choice for your home.

Your Current House’s Exterior

Of course, you might want a new look for your roof and your home. After all, if you are going to the trouble of replacing your roof, you should pick a color that appeals to you and is an upgrade to your house’s existing appearance. The exterior of your home, including siding, masonry, windows, doors, and architecture, will help dictate which roof color best complements and highlights the house beneath it. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t pick the same color roof as the rest of your house’s exterior: You don’t want your home to be too monotone, use contrast to highlight individual elements of your home!
  • You can’t go wrong with neutral colors: Tan, brown, gray, and black are safe choices that rarely clash with your home’s exterior and often perfectly complement it.
  • Be bold only if your exterior is calm: If the exterior color of your home is a strong, vibrant color, being as bold on the roof might make the house look too busy.

If you are planning to sell, be reserved: Potential homebuyers might be turned off if the first thing they see when they pull up for an open house is a loud roof. Stay conservative if you are replacing your roof in preparation for selling the house.

best roof colors in Stephenville

Local Popular Roof Colors

Light Brown

As homeowners are falling in love with a more natural look, these lighter, warmer colors are increasing in popularity. Light brown shingles are the perfect companion for the wood and wood-look exteriors that more and more people are opting for, lately. Plus, lighter roofs have the added benefit of being more energy efficient because they reflect more UV rays!


Diving into the 2020s, designs are becoming bolder and shingles in shades of blue such as denim, navy, and sky blue are growing in popularity. Gone are the days of boring and safe grey shingles. Blue shingles can offer everything from bold contrast to whimsical comfort depending on the color of the shingle and the way it is paired with the siding and fascia. The desire for these azure shades is only expected to grow throughout 2023 and beyond.


Yet another incoming shingle color that is expected to see an increased demand in 2023, green hues like forest, hunter, and moss offer a unique look that is both rich and inviting. Green shingles perfectly complement warm, natural exteriors while still setting your home apart from the crowd.

As you are trying to pick a residential roof color, don’t forget to turn to a contractor like Bar H Contractors for advice. An expert opinion from a roofer who likely has installed every shade of roof over the years often can steer you toward the color that makes the most sense for your home.

5 Roof Maintenance Myths: And the Truth Behind Them

5 Roof Maintenance Myths: And the Truth Behind Them

5 Roof Maintenance Myths: And the Truth Behind Them

Being proud homeowners in Stephenville, we fully comprehend the importance of safeguarding our properties, particularly our roofs, from the unforgiving elements. Nevertheless, several misconceptions about roof maintenance persist, potentially misleading homeowners and causing costly repairs and damages. To provide you with accurate insights into roof maintenance, Bar H Contractors is here to debunk five prevalent roof maintenance myths and shed light on the truth.

roof maintenance tips in Stephenville

Myth #1: Roofs Do Not Require Regular Inspections

Truth: Regular roof inspections are necessary for preserving the longevity and structural integrity of your roof. Stephenville experiences extreme weather conditions, from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to hailstorms and summer heat. These weather conditions can cause roofs to get worn down over time. By scheduling annual roof inspections with Bar H Contractors, you can pinpoint minor issues early, preventing them from evolving into major problems that could result in significant repair expenses.

Myth #2: Roof Leaks Are Easily Detectable

Truth: Not all roof leaks are immediately evident to homeowners. In many instances, leaks start as minor drips or attic condensation, remaining unnoticed until they cause substantial harm. Bar H Contractors recommends periodic inspections to identify leaks before they lead to costly water damage, mold growth, or structural issues. Early detection can save you money and prolong your roof’s lifespan.

Myth #3: Power Washing Is Safe for Roof Cleaning

Truth: While power washing may appear as an effective roof cleaning method, it can inflict more harm than good. The high-pressure water can dislodge shingles, break seals, and compromise the roof’s structure, resulting in leaks and premature deterioration. Not to mention the concerns over safety when attempting to power wash a roof. Instead, opt for professional roof cleaning services that employ gentle and safe techniques to remove debris while preserving your roof’s integrity.

roof maintenance myths, roof maintenance tips, Stephenville

Myth #4: Roofing Repairs Can Be DIY Projects

Truth: While DIY projects can be enjoyable and cost-efficient, it’s prudent to entrust roofing repairs to seasoned professionals. Roofing tasks demand specialized knowledge, equipment, and safety precautions. Attempting repairs without the proper expertise can lead to accidents, improper fixes, and voided warranties. Bar H Contractors’ experienced team possesses the skills and tools necessary to handle roof repairs efficiently and securely.

Myth #5: Roofs Last a Lifetime

Truth: Roofs have a finite lifespan, even with meticulous maintenance. While high-quality roofs can endure for several decades, they will eventually succumb to the effects of weather and natural aging. Ignoring signs of an aging roof can result in substantial damage and escalating repair costs. Bar H Contractors advises periodic roof replacements and offers a wide range of durable roofing materials tailored to Stephenville’s weather conditions.

As conscientious homeowners in Stephenville, it is imperative to be well-informed about roof maintenance myths in order to make prudent decisions and safeguard our investments. Regular roof inspections, professional cleaning services, and timely repairs are essential for your roof’s durability and performance. While certain myths may seem tempting, entrusting the expertise of Bar H Contractors is the surest way to ensure your roof remains in peak condition. 

Do not let misinformation guide you astray – prioritize your roof’s maintenance and ensure the security and comfort of your home.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for a New Slate Roof in Stephenville?

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for a New Slate Roof in Stephenville?

A roof is not just an essential part of a home; it is a symbol of protection, style, and value. In Stephenville, where the weather can be unpredictable, homeowners seek durable and aesthetically-pleasing roofing options that can stand the test of time. Bar H Contractors, a renowned roofing company in the region, offers the timeless beauty and numerous benefits of slate roofing. Here are five advantages of choosing a slate roof and also four crucial tips to know when it’s time to consider replacing your roofing.

slate roof cost, Central Texas, Stephenville

Cost of a New Slate Roof

The cost of a new slate roof can vary depending on factors such as the size of the roof, the complexity of the design, and the accessibility of the property. On average, you can expect to pay between $600 to $1200 per square for a slate roof. While this might seem higher than other roofing materials, it’s crucial to remember that the durability and longevity of slate make it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Benefits of Slate Roofing

Unmatched Durability:

Slate roofing is known for its exceptional longevity, outlasting many other roofing materials. With proper installation and maintenance, a high-quality slate roof can easily endure over a century. Its inherent resistance to fire, harsh weather conditions, and rot make it an excellent investment for homeowners in Stephenville, where extreme temperatures and storms are common.

Classic Aesthetic Appeal:

Nothing compares to the timeless elegance of a slate roof. It adds a touch of sophistication and architectural charm to any home, whether it’s a historic Victorian or a modern contemporary design. Available in various colors and textures, slate tiles allow homeowners to tailor the roof to their unique style preferences, enhancing curb appeal and increasing the overall value of the property.

Low Maintenance:

Slate roofing requires minimal maintenance compared to other roofing materials. Once installed correctly, slate tiles hardly need any repairs or replacements. Its natural resistance to algae, moss, and fungus ensures a cleaner and longer-lasting roof without the need for frequent cleaning or chemical treatments.

Environmentally Friendly:

Slate is a natural stone, making it an eco-friendly roofing choice. It is sourced directly from the earth and doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic materials. Unlike asphalt shingles, which end up in landfills after a few decades, slate roofing significantly reduces waste and has a minimal impact on the environment.

Excellent Insulation:

Stephenville experiences a range of temperatures, from scorching summers to cold winters. Slate roofing offers excellent insulation properties, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption. This thermal efficiency can lead to lower heating and cooling costs, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective home.

slate roof installation, Central Texas, Stephenville

Signs for Replacement

Age of Roof:

As durable as slate roofs are, they still have a lifespan. If your slate roof has visible signs of wear, it might be time for a replacement. Over time, slate tiles can become brittle, crack, or lose their ability to keep out water, leading to potential leaks and damage.

Damaged or Missing Tiles:

Inspect your roof regularly for any cracked or missing slate tiles. Damaged tiles can compromise the overall integrity of the roof, allowing water to seep in and cause structural issues. If the damage is extensive or frequent, it’s best to consider replacing the roof to prevent further problems.

Water Leaks:

If you notice water stains on your ceilings or walls, it’s a clear indication that your roof might be leaking. While some leaks can be repaired, if the damage is widespread or recurring, a full roof replacement may be necessary.

Curling or Warping:

As slate tiles age, they may start to curl or warp at the edges. This can create gaps between the tiles, making it easier for water to penetrate the roof. If you notice significant curling or warping, it’s a sign that the roof’s lifespan is nearing its end.

Choosing a new slate roof from Bar H Contractors in Stephenville offers homeowners unmatched durability, classic aesthetic appeal, low maintenance, eco-friendliness, and excellent insulation properties. By keeping an eye out for signs of wear and tear and following the tips provided, homeowners can ensure their slate roofs provide enduring protection and beauty for generations to come. Embrace the timeless elegance of slate roofing and elevate your home to new heights.

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